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Frequently Asked Questions

Reports FAQs

Sure, either click on the Tutorials page of this web site and then follow the link for Groomsoft reporting


while logged into the Groomsoft application as a Salon Owner, you can click on Reports in the menu bar.

Below is a brief list of reports currently available:

Breed List
Shows a listing of your customer's, their pets and which breeds they are.
Coupon List
Customer List
Daily Details
Shows the appointment end time, status, customer name, pet name, groomer, subtotal, tax, tips, total and payment types sorted by the groomer's name.
Groomer Commissions
Groomer Tips
Last Appointment
Shows when your customer's pets are due for a groom.
Outstanding Payments
Shows all appointments that haven't had payments entered in Groomsoft.
Payment Types
Shows a breakdown of payments collected. Cash, Check and Charge amounts are totaled for any time period you specify.
Pet Birthdays
Product List
Sales by Year
Sales by Month
Sales by Day
Sales by Date Range
Sales by Date Range grouped by Zip Code
Service List
Top 10 reports
Shows a top 10 report for Customer sales, coupons, products or services.
Year to Date Sales

All reports have printable views and most reports have export to CSV file. With the CSV file export you can easily import your Groomsoft data into a spreadsheet or any other programs that accept the CSV format. After running a report, you will see the printer and CSV icons in the upper right hand corner of the report display.

If you live in a state that forces your business to collect sales tax, Groomsoft can make you life much easier. If you set up your tax rate in Groomsoft under the Settings menu / Salon Info, Groomsoft will automatically include Sales tax in all your reports to make filling out your ST-50/ST-51 forms much quicker.

Additionally, Groomsoft has these additional report-like features available: You can view and print your daily calendars, weekly calendars and customer receipts for appointments. You can also print customer cards for new clients to fill out or for off-line use.

Configuring your sales tax rate with Groomsoft is a breeze!

  1. From the Settings menu choose "Salon Info"
  2. Click the Edit button and set your sales tax rate
  3. Select Yes or No next to Tax on Products and Tax on Services to let Groomsoft know what you charge sales tax on
  4. Click Save

That's it, now when creating an appointment, if you don't have products, coupons or services set up: After entering the Sub Total for this appointment, as soon as you click outside of the Sub Total field, you will see the sales tax and total due updated inside of the billing area.

If you have coupons, products or services set up, after selecting any coupons, products or services for the appointment, the Sub Total, tax and total due fields will automatically update.

Customer appointment receipts and Reports will automatically break out the sales tax for you on a separate line. This is a great time saver when it comes time to fill out your ST-50/ST-51. You don't have to sit down and waste time figuring out how much sales tax you collected for the month or quarter. Groomsoft does it for you!

Yes. Within the Reports tab, click on the Customer list report and you will be able to download or print your customer data.

Report data is downloadable in a CSV format.