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Using input from thousands of groomers, our pet grooming software was designed for groomers, by groomers.


Why Groomsoft?

Clean, Sharp and Reliable - Like Your Favorite Pair of Shears!

Online Appointment Booking (Stop Getting Hounded With Calls!)

Between your barking clients and the rumbling of the cage dryer, your space just isn’t suitable for phone calls. With online appointment scheduling, you can book more business in less time. No more scrambling to answer a call or struggling to hear customers over the phone. You have full control over your calendar and can decide whether you want to accept or reject an appointment request, which days/times customers can request appointments and much more.

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Appointment Reminders to Prevent No-Shows

The worst bite for any groomer is a no-show. Using Groomsoft, you can communicate with customers and send appointment reminders via text message. Two reminders can be sent prior to an appointment and your customers can text back to confirm. By staying connected, you can virtually eliminate no-shows and maintain a steady schedule.

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One Centralized Place to Stay Organized

Scheduling. Expense tracking. Record keeping. Groomers are responsible for so much more than making pets look pretty. That’s why our pet grooming software consolidates every aspect of the business into one centralized system. No more bouncing between portals and losing track of what’s where. We made sure to understand everything that groomers could possibly need and then put it in our software.

A Community Founded on Support

Just as pets are furry companions, you can count on us as your techie companions. Unlike other software providers, we’re always accessible and easy to get a hold of. We also make it fast and easy for customers to switch over. If you’re transitioning from another software, we’ll import your pet data and customer data into Groomsoft, free of charge. We’ve also created a library of helpful tutorials to walk you through each feature.

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Smart Features to Save You Time

Since Groomsoft is for pet people, it only made sense to throw in some tricks. Our dog grooming software provides a number of time-saving features including our pet database (which you can build upon), autofilled fields and more. Whenever we add a new Groomsoft feature or update that you want to utilize, your information will carry over automatically. Groomsoft does all the thinking for you so that you can keep grooming!

Perfect for Storefronts or Mobile Grooming Businesses

Nothing about Groomsoft is one-size-fits-all. If your pet grooming business is mobile, you can utilize different features of our mobile pet grooming software including a visual map for appointment scheduling, route optimization and more. Whether you’re in the store or on the move, Groomsoft is a flexible platform that you can build upon and truly make your own.

How We Protect the Pack

Unmatched Service & Security for Subscribers

Real Support From Real People

Have you ever used a program and felt like it was built by ghosts? This is where we really excel as a software provider. We’re the team you can actually talk to and rely on to provide a fast, helpful solution.

Fully Managed Updates

With our pet grooming software, you don’t need to worry about botched upgrades or losing your data. We handle all the heavy lifting behind the scenes so that you can keep working with peace of mind.

Retrievable Anywhere, Any Time

Groomsoft is a cloud-based application and can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Whether you run a mobile pet grooming business or have stepped away from your store, Groomsoft is always within reach.

Free Demo (No Credit Card Required)

We offer a free 30-day demo with no credit card required. This gives you the time you need to fully explore Groomsoft and its many features.
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Automatic Data Backup

Each hour, we’ll back up your data so that you don’t have to. While other programs put this responsibility on the customer, we don’t believe that’s the right approach. As you input data from the front end, we’ll protect it from the back end.

Convenient Payment Options

We offer both monthly and annual payment options. You’ll never be tied into a contract and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Tail-Wagging Features

Customer Reviews Groomsoft 5 Star rating on Capterra

Hear From Groomers Just Like You!

  • This software is exactly what we need to keep our business in control and keep on growing, the team is amazing on listening to our suggestions and implementing them.

    Magda A.

  • Its quite efficient! Life saver. We are a team of 4 groomers and we all are very satisfied on how easily we can set up appointments keep grooming notes, and super easy access to read previous grooming notes, upload pictures of doggies, running commission and tips reports, tender a transaction is wow!! its all there.!!

    Eri T.

  • Very intuitive software that has all the necessary things to run a business. Its not clunky and is easy to learn.

    Masa N.

  • The software itself is very easy with a little help on how certain things work its a great software. I needed something that had everything in one program and this one did still needing the online booking and its is complete great for the money!

    Adys M.

  • Quite customizable, I can keep a lot of information on the client and pet, as well as unlimited photos and information about each groom on each client's pet. I also like that I can enter the services/fees and have it all calculated for me, including separating out tips and I think the "reports" are very good.

    Debra N.

  • I love that I can access the program anywhere and at any time. The report features are super convenient. Text reminders are a God send! The new mass text feature is wonderful.

    Leigh W.

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