About Groomsoft


In today’s economy, we know it’s not easy owning and operating your own business. There are thousands of decisions to make and most have to be made on a whim. Using pet grooming software can help ease the stress of business ownership, but finding the right system is daunting. In the pet grooming industry alone, there are dozens of different software packages available to help manage your clients and your time. At Groomsoft we understand the needs of Groomers because our program was specifically designed and customized for the wife of one of our founders, Ruth, who is a successful Groomer.

Ruth graduated at a local dog grooming school, but coming from a technologically driven corporate background, she expressed her disappointment in the idea of having to use client cards to record and store customer, pet and appointment data. After months of Ruth’s insight and knowledge of how a pet grooming software could run to make her life easier, we based the program on two words: SIMPLE and POWERFUL.

Our customers are extremely important to us and have helped us improve the functionality of Groomsoft by offering comments and suggestions. We are always open to receiving feedback that will ultimately improve Groomsoft’s functionality and hope that you reach out to us. It’s important for us that you understand that our online software is created with you, the groomer, in mind. We don’t outsource any of our work; everything is designed and developed internally. We work tirelessly to make our online pet grooming software the most user-friendly and effectively dynamic program in the industry. And we hope you agree.

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