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Benefits of using Groomsoft

Save money, buy Grooming equipment!

Some software vendors charge anywhere from $199.00 to $2,999.00 for a Windows software package and if you have a MAC, you're out of luck! With Groomsoft there are no large up front costs, you have an affordable monthly payment, which helps you better manage your budget and hold on to important capital for investments in grooming tools, advertising or any purpose you see fit.

Have access to your business data anywhere at anytime.

Groomsoft is available at anytime and from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. All communications are encrypted with the latest TLS encryption.

Have access to your data anytime from anywhere

There is no software to install with Groomsoft.

With NO SOFTWARE to download or install, you can spend more time Grooming!

With Groomsoft all you need is a web browser, which is already installed on all computers and smart phones. Not everyone is a computer wizard, and whether you are a computer wizard or not; not all software installs are straight forward and some require that you install additional prerequisite software packages before hand. Save time with Groomsoft, sign up now and get started immediately.

With no software to upgrade, you will save time & headaches!

With Groomsoft, you never have any pet software to upgrade, we take care of that behind the scenes. Not all software upgrades are successful and if you don't back up your data before doing so, you can lose everything. We have heard plenty of horror stories from customers who have lost all of their data during upgrades of Windows based pet grooming software packages and because of that they signup with Groomsoft and never look back. Additionally, we are constantly working to improve Groomsoft, by making the software easier to use, improve performance and add features that our customers desire.

*** Although you don't have any pet software to upgrade, we recommend that you keep your computer's operating system up to date, including the anti-virus protection.

There is never any software to upgrade with Groomsoft.

Groomsoft backs up your data nightly.

Don't lose your customer data.

We back up all of your data nightly so you don't have to. Ever have a computer crash and wish you backed up your documents, email, pictures...etc? It's not a pleasant experience and many people experience that nightmare daily! If you have pet grooming software running on your computer, then you should be doing backups on a regular basis or else you are gambling with your livelihood, because data loss is an all too frequent occurrence. Make your life easier, choose Groomsoft.

Quick & easy signup with no credit card required to get started!

You can sign up for a free 30 day demo of Groomsoft in less then a minute and no credit card is necessary. Demo accounts have all the features of paid accounts with the exception of no reporting and no email reminders are sent to customers.
Sign up now.