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Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software Features

Pet Grooming Software Appointment Calendar

The appointment calendar is simple to view and even easier to manage; schedule your pet grooming appointments in seconds.
  • Online appointment booking allows you to take appointments in your sleep!
  • The appointment calendar is customized to your business hours.
  • The appointment calendar blocks days off for holidays, vacation and the days your business is closed to avoid scheduling errors.
  • Create recurring appointments.
  • Appointment Conflicts are eliminated based upon your settings.
  • Automatic appointment email reminders are sent to your customers to reduce no shows (for paid subscribers only).
  • Make informed decisions when creating appointments. Groomsoft tracks appointment summaries of each completed, canceled, late or no show appointment for each of your customers.
  • Groomer Scheduling including blocking time out of the day for no grooms.
  • Add new or existing customers to a Waiting List, because you are booked weeks out.
  • Appointment Checkout tracks Cash, Check, Credit or Debit card purchases.
  • Cash rounding for those who's country/territory eliminated the penny.

Pet Grooming Software Text Messaging

  • Text Message Appointment Reminders almost eliminates no shows.
  • 2 reminders can be sent at different days or weeks prior to an grooming appointment.
  • Customers can confirm their pet grooming appointments via text message.
  • Send and receive text messages with your customers; it's a great way to let the customer know their pet's groom has been completed.
  • Send customized bulk text messages to all your customers.

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  • Customer tagging allows a word or phrase to be attached to a customer in a colorful label.
  • Rich Customer Profiles, including notification preferences, additional contacts and free form customer notes.
  • Veterinarian Autocomplete saves you typing along with expanded veterinarian profiles.
  • Full appointment histories including the customer's instructions and your clips and comments so you know what was done on any previous groom.
  • Unlimited number of customers and Groomsoft is the same monthly price.
  • Unlimited number of users and Groomsoft is the same monthly price.
  • Email Marketing through our MailChimp integration.
  • Optional Text Messaging via Groomsoft Messenger gives you the ability to send free form text messages and receive replies from your customers.
  • Signable Release Forms allow you to create any sort of release form that your customers can sign either on your mobile device or you can email/text to the customer so they can sign on their own device.


  • Pet tagging allows a word or phrase to be attached to a pet in a colorful label
  • Customized vaccination tracking with alerts that show up within Groomsoft.
  • Unlimited pet picture uploads to keep a visual record of past grooms.
  • Rich Pet Profiles includes breed, birthday, gender, fixed, weight, pet behaviors and much more.
  • Pet loss sympathy gifts at the click of a button
  • Pet Vaccination Reminders with customer document upload and expiration date entry.
  • Pet Birthday Reminders can be sent automatically via Email, Text Message or Both.

Mobile Grooming Software

  • I'm on my way text message notifications can be sent with the click of a button.
  • Mobile Groomers can better manage their business with our Mapping feature.
  • Signable Templates allow you to create any sort of release form that your customers can sign either on your mobile device or you can email/text to the customer so they can sign on their own device.
  • Optimize Route helps you save time and fuel so you aren't driving back and forth across town for all your appointments of the day.
  • Show when I'm close helps you decide what day to book a new appointment on, by showing how far this new appointment is from your future scheduled appointments.
  • Within the map you can zoom in, see live traffic and access the Satellite view so you can see the details of the road and more importantly, parking!
  • Fill up your calendar on slow days or when customer's cancel their appointments. Groomsoft will show you who is past due for a groom and how far they are from your current days appointments.
  • Mileage Tracking - Once set up, Groomsoft will track the mileage for all your appointments.
  • This service is available for an additional charge and there is a free 30 day free demo available.
  • For more information, check out the Mobile Grooming Software page.

Pet Groomer Software Reporting

  • All reports have printable views and most have CSV file downloads for importing into other programs.
  • Audit Reports allow you to see what your employees have been up to.
  • Breed lists, Customer lists, last appointment and pet birthday reports are available.
  • Groomer tips and Groomer commission reports help you manage your Groomers.
  • Coupon, product and service list reports are available.
  • Many different sales reports are available, including year to date, by year, month or day, by date range, by date range and zip code, daily details, outstanding payments, payment types and top 10 reports.
  • Expense Reporting and tracking helps you watch the dollars going out and helps to prepare for tax time.
  • Vaccination report shows pet's with expired or missing vaccination records.

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