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Online Appointment Booking

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Book More Cuts With a Click of the Mouse!

Playing phone tag with customers is time-consuming and takes you away from your tail-wagging clients.

Seeing a real need in the industry for a faster and more efficient way to book appointments, we got to work and built an online platform exclusively for pet groomers.

Using Pet Groomer Finder, pet owners can search for pet groomers online and schedule appointments.

As a Groomsoft subscriber, you can display your business on PGF and have full control over the online booking process.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to book more cuts with a click of the mouse!

Groomsoft Subscribers Move to the Front!

As a Groomsoft subscriber, your profile will be displayed at the top of the search results page above other PGF and groomer listings. This will give your page more visibility and in turn, more business!

Groomsoft badge that appears on your Pet Groomer Finder landing page.

Create Your Own Digital Storefront

Pet Groomer Finder puts your business front and center on the web. With your profile, you can:

Upload your logo for consistent branding of your pet grooming business.

Choose which services you want to display. Pet owners can filter searches based on the type of service(s) they’re looking for. This will help you save time and match with the right customers.

Display your store hours.

Display the URL for your salon and share your dedicated Pet Groomer Finder URL with customers.

Display your own terms and conditions, including cancellation policies. You can decide whether customers need to accept these terms and conditions before submitting an appointment request.

Choose which vaccinations you would like to track. Customers can provide this information when scheduling an appointment.

Write a bio about your business and what separates you from the pack!

PGF Fully Integrates With Groomsoft for a Seamless Setup

If you’re already subscribed to Groomsoft, you don’t need to re-enter your information into Pet Groomer Finder. PGF fully integrates with Groomsoft and will pull information from your GS account for a fast and easy onboarding process.

How Does It Work?

  1. The pet owner will request an appointment with you for a specified time and date. You’ll be able to view your calendar on this same page so that you can easily see your availability.
  2. You will be notified of the request and can either: a. Accept the appointment b. Reject the appointment c. Propose a new date/time for the customer to either accept or reject d. Add the customer to your waitlist

Whenever an action is completed by either you or the pet owner, the relevant party will be notified via their preferred contact method. This is a general overview of how the process works and as the groomer, you can customize various aspects of the booking process according to your preferences.

A couple of dogs looking at each other and spying with envy while each reading a magazine.
Groomsoft review badge that appears on your Pet Groomer Finder landing page. Groomsoft review badge that appears on your Pet Groomer Finder landing page.

Show Off Your Pawsitive Reviews!

PGF uses a five-star rating system and will display your average rating on the search results page. The more pawsitive reviews you earn, the more you’ll stand out and get noticed! Customers will also see a “review” badge next to any business that has received an online review. This is our way of rewarding groomers for encouraging reviews and will further enhance your credibility.

You Have Full Control Over Every Feature

Our Pet Grooming Online Appointment Booking system contains a number of features that you can adjust and tailor to your business, including:

Online booking status: Choose whether or not you want your profile to be displayed on the PGF website.

Appointment preferences: Decide whether you want to make online booking available to everyone, existing customers only or no one. (If you select “no one,” users won’t be able to make an appointment, but your profile will still be listed on PGF.)

Auto-approve appointments: By default, Groomsoft will ask whether you want to accept or reject an appointment. You can choose to bypass this and automatically accept appointment requests from PGF.

Timing controls: How soon can a customer request an appointment? How far out? How close to the appointment can the customer edit the appointment request? How close to the appointment can the customer cancel? You can control all of these factors.

Notifications: When communicating with customers, you can choose whether you want to be notified via email or text message.

Custom Appointment Blocks

As a Groomsoft subscriber, you can program PGF to work around your schedule. Pet owners on PGF can request appointments only for the dates/times that you choose.

    You can create three different types of blocks:
  1. Blocked: Users will not be able to request appointments during times designated as blocked.
  2. Single: This is when you want to make yourself available for one particular date/time.
  3. Repeat: These blocks repeat weekly on the same day of the week and at the same time.

You can also customize the start and stop times of each block to control your window of availability.

If you have multiple groomers working for you, you can use the quantity feature to create multiple open blocks for the same time. For example, if you enter the number “3” in the quantity field, you can accept three separate appointments for that specific time block.

Full size Screenshot of online booking appointment block setup Full size Screenshot of online booking appointment block setup
Creating appointment blocks within Groomsoft allows customers to book online appointment requests on the days and times you desire.

Key Features for Mobile Groomers Mobile Groomer Features

Map Pin Shaped Like a Heart

If your grooming business is on-the-move, you can make the most of your time with PGF. Mobile groomers can:

See appointments on the map: When reviewing an appointment request, you’ll be able to see the locations of your accepted appointments on the map, along with the location of the requested appointment. This will help you determine whether it makes sense to accept or reject that appointment request, depending on where you’ll be that day.

Optimize routes: You can use the map to automatically optimize your route and view the most efficient order for accepting appointments. By clicking, “Show Me When I’m Close,” you’ll see which days/times you’ll be closest to that particular customer. This can help you decide what times you should schedule appointments for so that you can save fuel and time with every trip.

Choose a radius range: You can choose how far from your general service area salon address that you want customers to be able to find you.

Show or hide salon address: If your business doesn't have a physical address, you are not required to display your home address on the PGF website. You can also decide whether or not you want your address to be displayed in the map on the search results page.

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