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Groomsoft pet grooming software provides custom vaccination tracking, alerting and reminders.

Track a custom list of pet vaccinations based on your business's requirements.

Within Groomsoft, you can track any number of vaccinations for each of your customer's pets. Simply go to Settings and choose Vaccination Tracking.

Remind your customers about vaccination expirations.

Send vaccination reminders how you want! Simply go to Settings and choose Customer Notifications. Then click the short cut link for Vaccination Reminder Settings.

Reminders include a link for your customers to click in order to upload vaccination documentation and update the expiration dates.

Notify Customers When

  • The vaccination expired today
  • The vaccination expires 30 days from today
  • Both

Notify customers Via

  • Email
  • Text Customers
  • Both

Keep pet vaccination records Up-To-Date.

After your customer uploads vaccination data and updates the expiration dates you will be alerted to this in Groomsoft.Once you approve and/or edit the customer submitted expiration dates,the pet's vaccination dates will be updated in the pet's profile andthe vaccination documentation will be saved into the customers profile.All this at the click of a button!

Watch a Video Overview of Vaccination Reminders.

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