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Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment FAQs


Groomsoft sends out appointment reminder emails for paid subscribers only. Below is an example of the reminder email:

Dear John Smith,

This is a reminder that you have an appointment for:

Pet Name  Appointment
Buddy   Saturday, 11/05/2011 10:00 AM

If there is any problem keeping this appointment please call the salon.

Thank You,
Pawz Parlor

Email reminders will be sent with the "From" field of the email set to the Salon's Name and Email address that appears in the "Salon Contact, Location and Settings" screen. This can be accessed by going to the Settings menu and choosing "Salon Info". This will make it easy for your customer's to reply directly to you if there is a problem keeping an appointment.

Yes, this is an optional feature, which you can learn more about here: SMS Text Messaging

If you have salon owner privileges (if you signed up for the Groomsoft account you are set up with a salon owner user level), you can follow this 2 step process.

Step 1) Access the global setting which turns the feature on/off for your account by going to the Settings menu and choosing "Calendar Settings". From there click the "Edit Appointment Calendar Settings" button. Now you can select how many days/weeks in advance you would like your appointment reminders to be sent out and complete additional options.

Step 2) After step 1 is completed, the customer's profile must have a valid email address and the notification preference set to Yes for Email Appointment Reminders.

When both of the above are completed, Groomsoft will send out the email appointment reminders according to your settings.

    Configuring your sales tax rate with Groomsoft is a breeze!
  1. Go to the Settings menu and choose the "Salon Info" button
  2. Click the Edit button and set your sales tax rate
  3. Select Yes or No next to Tax on Products and Tax on Services to let Groomsoft know what you charge sales tax on
  4. Click Save

That's it, now when creating an appointment, if you don't have products, coupons or services set up: After entering the Sub Total for this appointment, as soon as you click outside of the Sub Total field, you will see the sales tax and total due updated inside of the billing area.

If you have coupons, products or services set up, after selecting any coupons, products or services for the appointment, the Sub Total, tax and total due fields will automatically update.

Customer appointment receipts and Reports will automatically break out the sales tax for you on a separate line. This is a great time saver when it comes time to fill out your ST-50/ST-51. You don't have to sit down and waste time figuring out how much sales tax you collected for the month or quarter. Groomsoft does it for you!

This is an optional feature where you can track your customer's attendance.

You can track Completed, Canceled, Late and No Show appointments and alternatively add attendance remarks to all but Completed appointments.

Customer's attendance is viewable when you are creating new appointments, after you select the customer name. It is also viewable when you view the customer's details page by Clicking on Customers in the main menu and then clicking the magnifying glass icon that appears in the same row as the customer you wish to view.

Customer's attendance is editable from the new or edit appointment screens. Look for the select box named Status.

Setting an appointment to Canceled or No Show will affect your sales reporting. Any sales listed in an appointment that has a status of canceled or no show will not be counted towards your sales.

Not at this time.