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SMS / Text Messaging

SMS / Text Messaging is only available to paid subscribers.
All paid subscribers get one FREE text message pack to test drive text messaging.

SMS/Text messaging

Bulk Text Messaging

Groomsoft Messenger templates


Overview of SMS Features

Appointment Reminders
Groomsoft will send text message reminders to your customer's.
Example Appointment Reminder Text Message:
Tony, your appointment for Nevada, Rosy , Harrison and Murray is on Wednesday, 04/20/2016 01:00 PM. Reply Yes to confirm or call Dirty Dogs Grooming at 888-555-1212 to reschedule.
Auto Confirmations
If your customer replies yes, Groomsoft will set the appointment status to "Confirmed via SMS".
Full SMS Histories for 1 year
In most areas of Groomsoft, you will be able to see the last years worth of text messages for any customer.
Groomsoft Messenger
Send free form text messages to your customers about anything, such as your pet is ready to be picked up.
Send text messages from many areas within Groomsoft
Send from the daily/weekly appointment calendars, appointment summary, customer detail, Map and SMS screens.
Bulk Text Messaging
Send personalized text messages to all your customers at once.

Text Message billing

Note. you must be a Salon Owner to view or make any purchases as pictured in the next set of images.

  • As mentioned above, all paid subscriptions get 100 Free text messages. Because of this, there are no refunds.
  • Every text message sent or received is deducted from your total number of messages purchased or from the free messages in your account.
      Each of the following are deducted from your total.
    • Any text sent by you or someone who has a login to your Groomsoft account.
    • Any text sent by Groomsoft for an appointment reminder.
    • Every text message received from your customers.
  • If you choose the auto-reload option, when your number of text messages left falls to the level in the auto reload option, Groomsoft will attempt to purchase the same SMS pack that you last had. If successful, that quantity will be added to your account and is viewable under the SMS menu option.
    • If the auto-reload is successful or not, you will get an email informing you of the action taken either way.
  • All Groomsoft purchases are viewable under the My Account area. Hover your mouse over your name in the menu bar and choose My Account and then click on View all Payments.