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Groomer Scheduling

Watch a Video demonstration of creating employee schedules


Groomer scheduling will help you schedule appointments when your employees are scheduled to work.

Groomer select boxes will only show you groomers working on the date of the appointment you are creating or updating. If an appointment starts outside of the selected groomer's schedule you will see a warning. The groomer select boxes will also show you the hours each person is scheduled on that date.

Scheduling with Groomsoft is easy.

Start with creating a default schedule for all of your Groomers. The default schedule will repeat weekly forever.

If a schedule change is necessary, go to the current schedule and edit the default shift for that employee.

Shift types available are:
Default Shift
The default shift that is repeated weekly.
When you edit a default shift to change the hours, the shift type becomes "shift".
Day Off
Groomer has been given off on a regularly scheduled shift.
Groomer has been given off for a Holiday on a regularly scheduled shift.
Groomer has been given a Vacation Day on a regularly scheduled shift.
Block Time
No appointments will be taken for this groomer within this time frame. Use this for blocking out time out of a regularly scheduled shift.
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