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Groomsoft Expense Tracking and Reporting

Expense tracking in Groomsoft has 3 areas.

Expense Categories

These must be setup in order to use expense tracking. The categories allow Groomsoft to provide subtotals of your expenses by category. This is great for tax time or just to see where your hard earned money is going!

Expense Vendors

The Vendor profiles only require the company name be completed, but there are other fields for your convenience, such as account number, expense category, contact name, phone, email, URL and notes. Setting the expense category under the vendor will allow Groomsoft to automatically select that category for you when creating a new expense for that vendor.

The great thing about this, is that once you have all your vendors in Groomsoft, you can print a vendor list or download a CSV file of them, which helps you stay organized.

Vendors could be created while entering new expenses.


Entering your expenses has been made as easy as possible. Once you select the vendor, the default category will also be selected for you. There is also a copy feature, which copies all the information from the selected expense, so you could change the date and optionally any other information before saving it as a new expense. All Groomsoft expenses are automatically entered into your expenses on a monthly basis.