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Customers menu option

Clicking on Customers in the menu will show you the Active Customer List. This is a listing of all your customers.

After adding multiple customers, you will be able to search for customers by typing in the Search field of the table. As you type, the list of customers shown will be reduced to those matching your search criteria.

You can search on any of the visible data fields in the display, such as name, address, phone number...etc or any combination of those fields. Separate each search term with a space.

In the customer list 3 icons will be visible next to each customer

Eye Glass / Show - Click to view the customer details, including pet, pet data and appointment data.

Pencil / Edit - Click to edit the customer information.

Trash Can / Delete - Click to delete the customer. You will get a confirmation making sure that you are deleting the correct customer.

Additional Customer Functions

These may be found at the bottom of the Customer List page and include links to:

Import Customers
When first starting out in Groomsoft you may have customer data to import. It can be done from this page and if you need help, please contact us via the help menu option about this.
Printable Customer Card
For those who would like a printable form for your customer to fill out, it could be found by clicking on that link.
View Inactive Customers
When editing customers, you can set customers to inactive so they don't show up in your Active customer list.