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Maps for Mobile Groomers


Groomsoft helps mobile groomers plan out their routes more efficiently & fill up their calendars.

It starts with a map that helps you visualize your stops and route for the day.

Within the map you can zoom in, see live traffic and access the Satellite view so you can see the details of the road and more importantly, parking!

The map is much bigger in Groomsoft then what appears here, so sign up for a free demo today and see how you can plan your mobile grooming routes more effectively!

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+ $9.95 for the maps add-on)

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Map for mobile grooming appointments.

Groomsoft will show you how close you are to a new or existing customer who calls in for an appointment for the next 7 days of your appointment calendar.

Click the "Show when I'm Close" button and you will see how many miles away from that new or existing customer you are for the current days grooming appointments.

See how close are you to your upcoming grooming appointments.

When you have a slow day, Groomsoft will show you who is due for a groom and how far away they are.

If you already have appointments for the current day, you will see how far you are away from those appointments.

If you have no appointments, you will see how far away you are from your business address.

This list has clickable phone numbers and links that will launch either your phone dialer or email client for you.

See who is due for a groom and how far away they are.

You can manage all of your customers, pets and appointments from the same page.

After entering a new customer's address, when you click appointment you will be taken through a wizard that helps you store the customer, pet and appointment information.

Appointments could be created, edited or deleted from the Maps page.

When viewing an appointment, you can edit the customer or their pet's information.

Maintain your appointments on the Maps screen.

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